Why I Love Sundays

One the scale of best days of the week most people are staunch supporters of Friday. However I have to venture out and say that Sunday has to be my all-time favourite day of the week. Sunday is the one day that does not have to be planned out completely. If you’re like me, you know what time you wake up in the morning, what time you go for lunch, even the time that you need to be dressed at. I know I know it can be overkill but it works for me. When Sunday comes around it’s a huge relief from the weekday because it’s the one day I will allow for uncertainties; on Sundays anything goes. This is just one of the many reasons my Sunday is my favourite day of the week.

Now I’ve touched upon this before but I like to plan out my days. Sundays are the perfect times to set yourself up for the next week. Sunday is my day to reset my mind in a sense and forget about the troubles of the past week. On Sunday’s I take the time to think about the events of the past week and make plans for the upcoming week. I evaluate what worked versus what didn’t and outline a strategy for how to improve. I ask myself questions like, what was the hardest part of this week? What did you struggle with this week? What area of your life needs most improvement? What was your most memorable part of this week? Asking these questions gives me perspective and makes me more grateful of the things that I do have. For one I am happy that I made I through all the challenges for the week. On Sundays I like to also think of my long term goals. Am I doing what makes me happy? Am I on a path to achieving my maximum potential? I sometimes take a small moment to visualise myself doing what I want to do. I find these exercises so simple, yet so powerful and they have been effective in helping me transform my life. On Sundays I also make sure to get in some amount of exercise no matter how small. It helps me to relax my brain and release all the stresses from the weeks gone. It also helps me to make sure that I am keeping my body healthy. Whatever your routine is, spend the time to map out your success on Sundays, this will help you make the most of your time in the upcoming week.

Sunday’s are my designated days to check in with the ones that I love. During the regular hustle and bustle of the week, I sometimes don’t get a chance to keep in touch as much as I would like. On Sunday’s I make an effort to send a message or call the people that are important to me. Whether it’s just a simple, “How are you doing?” or “How are you today” it ensures that I keep the connection going with those that I love. Too often it’s easy to get caught up in your goals and motivations that you forget to spend the tie nurturing those important relationships. While you may not always see the value in keeping in touch with others, don’t wait until it’s too late to let those important to you know how you feel about them. Life is short and we easily take it for granted that those around us will be there always. I love getting a chance to connect with my family or friends because it helps me focus other things outside of my own life. I get a chance to listen to the worries or concerns of others and learn more about their challenges as well. It’s not always serious conversation though, whenever I call my sister we are bound to have a good laugh. That what I love about having these relationships, I can be around people who understand me so I can just be myself without worrying about anything else.

For most people Sundays are a day of rest, literally. Fridays and Saturdays can often be too unpredictable to guarantee getting a chance to rest. On Fridays after work I normally grab a drink with friends. By Saturday I am running errands on the road or heading out with friends in the evening. Sunday’s are the one day when I prioritise myself. I take the time to get some rest. I finish any chores that didn’t get done in the week like laundry, cleaning etc. It’s important for me to clean and organise myself on Sunday because I don’t want to go into the new week with old things hanging from the previous week. I find that when my environment is not clean and tidy I feel mentally cluttered. I feel like I have unfinished tasks weighing on my mind which I hate. Then I cook myself a nice meal and hop in front of the TV to watch my favourite shows. I find that if I don’t get enough rest on a Sunday it throws off my rhythm on Monday. I feel groggy or irritable and I end up not completing as much as I normally would on these days.

Another reason I look forward to Sundays is that I can catch up on fun activities that I sometimes don’t have a chance to during the week. Whether its catching up on my reading, or painting or even watching my favourite series. I allow myself that time to do something that I enjoy as a reward to myself. It helps me to unwind and treat myself. It’s so easy to be on the go sometimes that you forget to spend time to do the things that make you happy. Although it may not seem important on the surface, reading a book that I love or watching my favourite movie really improves my mood and helps me ease stress. When I am focused on these tasks I don’t have to worry about work or money or anything else for that matter.As I have gotten older I have gained a new appreciation for my Sundays. Having that time to be reflective and refocus your state of mind is one thing that I love about Sundays. It’s the day to reset everything back to zero and start again from scratch.